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Rallentando~ an Installation

Project Description


Our period is obsessed by the desire to forget, and it is to fulfill that desire that it gives over to the demon of speed; it picks up the pace to show us that it no longer wishes to be remembered; that it is tired of itself; sick of itself; that it wants to blow out the tiny trembling flame of memory”

- Milan Kundera


Inspired by: Olafur Eliason (The Weather Project, Tate Museum); Milan Kundera’s reflections in “Slowness- the secret bond between slowness and memory”; Roman philosopher Seneca’s spectacular treatise “On the Shortness of Life”; and the public gardens of Tuileries in Paris.


“Rallentando- an Installation” embraces the full potential of site-specific contemporary art as a place of encounter and reflection, reaffirming the psycho-physiological importance of contemplation in nature while harnessing the articulacy of Kinetic Art.


Research presented in “This is your Brain on Nature” reveals that reflection while in nature is associated with lower cortisol, blood pressure and reduced heart rate. In addition, physiological markers show a consistent pattern of rapid recovery from stress upon exposure to "forest medicine" resulting in heightened empathy, altruistic motivation and an awakening the spirit. “Rallentando” offers a possibility, an opportunity for ‘busy and tired’ urbanites to experience a vital restoration of heart and memory.

Rallentando embraces the full potential of contemporary art as a place of encounter and reflection. It reaffirms the importance of contemplation in nature to aid in stress recovery and attention restoration.

“The degree of speed is directly proportional to the intensity of forgetting” –Kundera


What happens at Rallentando?


The public checks into Rallentando, leaving behind the distractions of contemporary life. It is a deeply personal and yet communal experience.


SlowPitchSound DJ Chel Paterson creates a sinuous sonic trail for a deeply poetic experience. Using his turntable as an instrument, sounds are captured and looped. His unique style has graced stages around the world.


William Mackwood paints fully immersive projected portraits of healing "forest medicine" using the latest in video mapping and design technologies.


Live Animators, such as the riveting performance artist Katelyn McCulloch, use the Kinect Camera to contribute interactive media to the restorative experience.


Selected participants’ wear heart pulse monitors to create a collective resting heartbeat, which will generate intermedial streams.


Time warps, decelerates; clouds, greens, blues, sunlight, wind, water, waves. Breath.


Rallentando acts as a counterpoint to our contemporary rhythm and pace. It is a portal between past and present. It provides fertile ground for the creation of new memories.


The quieter you become the more you are able to experience.


Who is Rallentando for?


Rallentando can be mapped specifically for any environment. Ideally Rallentando situates in a space with multiple viewing areas so that the restoration acts as a counterpoint to urban culture where “forest medicine” is most difficult to find. Art Galleries, Museums, Music festivals, Large Theatre Halls. Urban centres.


Rallentando is accessible for persons of all ages. Accommodation can be made for all languages including those with visual or hearing impairment.


Potential seating could be in hammocks or reclining chair or even resting on mats. Specific seating configurations will be developed with each producing company.


The piece loops continuously in 30-minute cycles. Packages can be bought ranging in 3, 6, 9 or 12 cycles.


The public can come and go as they wish. Rest as long as they want.


Sleep. Day Dream. Remember.

Time warps, decelerates; clouds, greens, blues, sunlight, wind, water, waves. Breath. A journey between past and present; fanning the flames of memory.


Rallentando- supplying a dose of nature.

Contact Artistic Director: Gwenyth Dobie for more information

Download Tech Rider: The Rallentando Tech Rider - July 2015.docx


The Rallentando Tech Rider - July 2015.pdf


The Creative Team for Rallentando~ an Installation


DJ Cheldon Paterson’s Turntable composition, live performance and improvisation have been key elements whether performing solo with culturally diverse musicians or scoring silent films with the turntable band he co-founded iNSiDEaMiND. A native of Toronto, Canada via Grenada, Paterson performs solo under the moniker SlowPitchSound

and is a principle instructor at Off Centre DJ school in Toronto. He is a sound artist and often incorporates unconventional functions of the turntable as well as field recordings in his compositions. He has received support from the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts. His unique style of turntable performance has made it’s way around the world touching down in Sweden, Great Britain, Netherlands, Australia, the VIA Music & New Media Festival (Pittsburgh), University of Guelph and the Steve Reich tribute at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto to name a few. As an experimental electronic musician he has collaborated with artists from varied backgrounds stretching from Gamelan to jazz to western classical.


Using specialized software to create a biosphere, video and light artist William Mackwood will create a visual poem for the Restoration.

Through the use of infrared body tracking and motion-capture, Live Animators such as artist Katelyn McCulloch will trigger video and sonic events.


Bio Interface Designer Don Sinclair will take the collective heart rates of volunteer participants, connected to pulse sensors, and feed the
information into custom made software, which will take this biometric data and use it as soce material for visualizations projected onto the walls, floor and ceiling and a sonifcation/soundscape using surround sound audio. As collective calming occurs, based on aggregating biometric data, the visualization and soundscape will enable “the Restoration”.


Our recent research findings from Butterfly- a study interactive will be applied to this interactive intermedial component of Rallentando.